Ring light photography for Selfie Lovers

Ring light photography setup

Everyone is familiar with the photographs or video recording that we do with our mobile phone or with a digital camera. Traditionally photos are captured by smartphones or digital cameras not by the heavy filming cameras. The smartphones have capacity to capture pictures or videos in quality that is can be uploaded on social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The heart of any Photograph is light, If a good lightning setup could be arranged these photographs can be taken to professional level. The photographic technique that is used for portrait photography, product photography, macro photography, with the help of a specially designed circle light to make your photograph spectacular, the more attractive. It is designed as a circular format in which the LED bulbs are attached to produce luminescence.

Do you want to make your photos captivating?

Here is a solution circle light. Just go and buy a selfie ring light also known as round light and the magic will be in your hand. And you will take photographs like a pro.

Why ring light photography?

These makeup lights in photography have the advantage to create a mesmerizing effect on your photograph by producing extra luminescence in a very fine manner. Additionally, it gives a direct light to the eyes of the object that gives your photograph an extra glamorous look. Once you have this you can create this magic to your photos. Photography Ring light which is also known as Selfie round light or makeup circle light in the market is preferable on the other because of its extraordinary features and effects in which are:

  • Even distribution of light on the object.
  • Attachment with tripod gives extra stability.
  • The light intensity can be controlled according to the environment.
  • Elimination of shadows is another advantage due to diffused light.
  • Enhances the makeup highlights and features in portrait photography.
  • With the stand, a movable arm is present to adjust the height of light attached.
  • Attractive catch light on subjects’ eyes to create magical effects to your photograph.

Ring light Photography

How ring light photography is better?

Round light photography is better in a way that it gives detail to your image by removing the shadows and produces more shine to your subject. It is mostly used in portrait photography and is used in macro photography too. You can use this tool not only to enhance the quality of your image but also to make it more stylish and glamorous.

  • The major benefit of this device is that it can be used for commercial photography. That means professional photographers are using this tool to make their photographs more captivate.
  • A soothing soft light when strikes to your image it makes it shiny and more beautiful to elevate its features.
  • These halo lights are very easy to use. There is no ambiguity to understand its functions.
  • These are multipurpose you can use it in makeup application, in photography, in taking a selfie-and much more according to the need.
  • The artist in this photo has created this LUGAR photo with the help of this smart tool.
  • This is so cool and amazing that everybody will love to create this kind of photographs.
  • You can capture this kind of photograph with many more ideas hurry up and buy this magical tool.

The normal light present in your room is not enough to capture a high-quality image even with a professional camera. A perfect source of light is required to make a good combination. And this combination will give your photograph an outstanding and classy look that you can use it not only for your social media but also for work.

You can use it as a prop in your photography to make your photos more interactive and for making it a little change from the boredom trends.  As you can see the girl is keeping it in her hand giving a so marvelous look that is much catchier the normal. The more you become creative more you will be the ideas to create fun and magic with this a small gadget.

Ring light photography setup

When a round light package comes to you it is packed up so nicely in a rigid bag after unpacking you will have to attach all the parts together in the right way.

Ring light photography setup
Steps to follow:
  • Unfold the tripod stand.
  • Attach the movable arm with the tripod stand with the screws packed inside the box.
  • Attach the ring on the stand with the help of screws.
  • Now attach the clip on the ring.

Then the further settings are elaborated with the help of the image to make it understand in a better way.

Install the ball head: When you unpack the bag, you will find a small cylindrical shape small piece. Just pick it up and attach it to the ring inside. Just fix it in and rotate clockwise.

Clip your smartphone or camera: The next step is to attach a clip to your mobile phone that you will find in the bag with other accessories.

Install the phone holder: Now it turns to install the phone holder and then attach it to the ball head that was attached to the ring directly. It is so easy to just place it over the ball head and then rotate it clockwise.

Adjust the angle: Now it is the last step and your light will be ready to use.

There is a small knob present on the ball head that assists to set the angle according to your needs.

Circle Light Handling 

All the settings are done now you can use your device and enjoy the best quality shots and the best quality videos.

  • The height of the light can be adjusted by the knob present on the tripod stand very easily
  • The power button is available at the back-side bottom of the ring frame.
  • Another dial is present beside this that controls the intensity of light. By just rotating it you can dim or bright the light.
  • To recharge it adapter and a charger will also be present inside your package just attach it to the power. Before using it let it charge it completely and use it for hours without any disturbance.
  • You can use it indoor and outdoor too according to your needs.

By following these simple steps, you can easily set up your device.

Ring light photography for selfie lovers

In this modern age, the young generation as well as old and even children are fond of taking selfies. Selfie is a photograph taken by yourself either by your mobile phone or webcam etc.


  • Although it gives you a lot of benefits but the most common of them is enhanced light that makes your selfie look awesome.
  • The light produced in circular form gives the even spread of light to your face.
  • It does not only highlight your makeup but also enhances the features of your face.
  • Additionally, it allows you to take selfies even in a darker environment.
  • It gives your skin a softer and soothing touch. That attracts the viewer.
  • It enables you to enhance the quality of your selfie up to seventy % even taken by an average quality Smartphone.
  • It is portable, compact in size to carry it anywhere with you.
  • It has a battery inside to keep it recharge and use it anytime, and a cable to recharge it.
  • It is a low-cost product to benefit you highly.
  • It is compatible with iPhone, android, windows phones, and webcams too.
  • Its specifications vary from brand to brand keep in view before buying.

According to the statistics of Goggle on an average of 93 million selfies are taken per day moreover, 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day. It’s not only about Instagram other social media apps also have somewhat likely results. So, making your selfie look cool and awesome many mobile phone cameras have light. But to make them a more fabulous selfie this tool works the best. For people who are fond of taking selfies are highly recommended to buy this product and enjoy their best selfies. It’s time to go and buy this product for yourself. 

Ring light photography for makeup

These lights will bring your make up routine on the highest comfort level.  In fact, you can put on makeup in the darkroom by this adjustable light. These makeup lights are:

  • portable
  • rechargeable
  • adjustable
  • controllable light intensity

Ring light for Selfie and makeup

The highlights and color combinations are of prime importance in makeup. To look most beautiful in the event is the wish of every girl. After dressing up nicely. You have to put on a perfect makeup that is a challenging task. But in perfect light, it is not a difficult task. So, you just have to buy a good makeup ring light and enjoy perfect makeovers.

Just put on your makeup light in front of makeup or on the table. Adjust the place and now its turn for light intensity check. These lights are designed to have a mirror inside the light frame. And it is adjustable. It has built-in battery. And a power cable to charge it. A tripod stand is also available in some brands. To give it stability and the height of light adjustment. There is a clip attachment site to the center to attach your mobile phone to record videos and take photos. Mostly your tubers use these lights to enhance the quality of their videos.

Makeup artists also use these lights for the perfect makeovers. In makeup tutorials, these lights are used to brighten up the area where the makeup is applied to make it more visible to viewers. The makeup applied looks more beautiful and also clear. Due to lack of light or in shadows there are more possibilities of errors. So, it is very useful to use this tool to improve the quality of video and the quality of your makeup too. Buying this product is worth for you look glamorous.

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