How Ring Light is important for a Perfect Selfie

Ring Light for Makeup

Halo lights provide some extraordinary bright light. These are very commonly used for photography where they are used to provide a glamorous look. It is highly recommended for photography because it is very light in weight and fairly portable to take with you anywhere you want. The higher intensity light is available for very cheap rates. In fact, most people like to use it for fashion industry photography, food photography, and online video streaming.Luckily, it will provide a genuine glow that will define the real beauty and explain every single element of your photography. HD clear photos always attract the audience even you are capturing routine photos. It will enhance the beauty and attraction of your photos. So, it becomes the most demanding product for every photographer, live streamer, and beauty conscious person. It is a safe and smart way to enhance your photographing skills.

Importance of Circle light in Photography

It is a specially designed gadget that enables you to fulfill your bad light conditions. It is a very attractive light with led and circular framework. It is a durable structure that stands on a tripod stand. It will be stylishly holding your mobile, and camera within the circular path. It is an amazing device that provides you complete mini shooting platform and excellent light. Moreover, it will increase your photographer experience to the professional level.

In fact, it is the most comfortable and joy able part of photography to use a circular light. As it cast a glowing ring in your eyes. It looks very attractive and beautiful. You can use different sizes and strengths of these lights. It increases the color brightness and sharpness of all the objectives and clothes. These factors fairly matter a lot in the term photographer. You will get wonderful results as well as record attractive photos and videos too.

How Ring Light Effect Your Photo

Why Ring light is best for makeup photographs?

Ring lights are widely used now a day for multipurpose. Majorly these are used in photography either traditional or non-traditional. Portrait photography has great importance for lights around. Luminescence in the environment is key to fantastic photographs. When you put on a perfect makeup but there is no light to show your makeup perfectly that destroys your look.

Benefits of using ring light:

  • The light that directly strikes on the face enhances the features also increase the glow on your face and gives you a gorgeous look.
  • This is also interactive due to a ring that is produced in the eye of the person. That ring creates a magical touch to your photograph.
  • The shine in your make up automatically double up when light strikes on your face.              
  • The light intensity can be increase or decrease by the adjustment of your environment.
  • You can also create some beautiful effects on your makeup by the combination of different colors of light.
  • The even light that dispersed on the face creates a natural effect on the face.
  • It also removes or hides the scars and blemishes on the face and creates a perfect photograph.
  • The exposure of light lightens up the tone of your skin.

How to fix your ring light?

You bought round light and it is not working after falling on the floor, or if it is dropped in the pool, there is nothing to worry about. It can be repaired in a few minutes. You just have to ensure some things before its repair. Firstly, you have to find out whether its bulb is broken or either its power supply is detached. Most of the cases these are problems caused by some jerk or some damage.

  • First step

First of all, you have to detach the circular light from the tripod stand as you can see in the picture. Then you have to just unscrew the ring from the backside to separate it is front and back parts. When it’s open you just have to check the power cables if it is broken or detached just fix it. Power cable attachment. If it is not broken then go to the 2nd step.

  • Second step

Now if the bulb inside the circle is broken then you just have to do one thing, go and buy a new ring bulb according to the size of your light. And fix it inside the circle with the help of clips inside. And then again join both the front and rear parts. And your light is repaired. There is another method to fix it if you do not want to buy a circular bulb. Then with the help of glue paste a no of LED light strips. You will find these easily in the market or even online at a very low cost.

You can add different color strips to make it a unique combination of light colors. If there is some other problem then go-ahead to the charger and the battery and replace them with a new one. This is how you can simply repair your circular light and enjoy it again. I hope it will help you with resolving your problem.

Ring light effects
Ring light effects

What light ring size do I need?

The halo lights are available in variable sizes. Based on the need of the user and these are also variable in size based upon the brand of manufacturer.

  • For selfie lovers

For selfie lovers, the smallest size is available usually it is a basic size of 36 LEDs attached. The difference is of the distance between the lights attached it is usually o.5 cm. It is the free size it attaches to every kind of mobile phone.

  • For makeup

A little bigger size is suitable for applying makeup because for makeup you need not illuminate the whole environment. Its focus should be on a small area. On the face, usually in front of the mirror. As compared to the photography that needs to cover full object. The size usually suitable for makeup ring light lovers is 16 cm. Because a bigger size is difficult to place on the mirror desk.

Another disadvantage of bigger size light for makeup application is that it covers up the vast area. If it is used in a tripod stand or if it is kept on the makeup desk it would be even worse if all the area is covered with light and there is no place to keep makeup. Most of the makeup artists use them in their salons for the perfection of their work.

  • For photographers

For photographers the comparatively large size is suitable. Because it needs to cover up the area and to focus the object. So greater the diameter of light greater it will be better for photography. Its size should be on an average of 26 cm or above.

The larger ones are used for macro photography because the bigger object needs more light. another factor is that bigger size light can produce more intense light. As in portrait photography, there is much exposure to light is required to brighten up the glow.

  • Multipurpose

These are used for multipurpose like in photography, in makeup in, on the study desk, in-home decoration and many more fields according to the need of the user and the size is also different based on the requirement of the task that is to be performed.

Multi purpose Ring light
Multi purpose Ring light

How to set up a ring light?

Setting up a halo light is not much difficult. You just have to follow some simple steps to set up round light in your studio or either in your home. There are commonly three steps.

  • Unpack
  • Attach the parts
  • Supply power
  • Unpacking

The first and simplest part of setting up light is unpacking the box in which you have received the circular light either from the online shop or if you have bought it from the market. You just have to separate the parts like a tripod, moveable arm, and light head screws and a user manual.

  • Attachment of parts

It is the most important part of the setup. All you need is to sum the parts and fix them together with the help of screws packed inside. The very first thing you need to do is altogether the tripod stand. Fixing the arms of tripod together. And then attach the moveable arm to the tripod. The function of the moving arm is to provide assistance in fixing the height of light according to the position of an object.

Once it is attached then you have to attach the circular head to the stand with the help of a knob attached at the bottom of the light. Just fix it exactly at the position and then just rotate it clockwise motion very tight. That’s it. Once the light is attached the last step of attachment is to fix a pin-type cylindrical shape that you will find in the box fix it inside the light. Where you have to attach the camera of your mobile phone for recording. The last step is to attach the mobile phone. Then just set the angle of the camera. Here you set up is almost complete.

  • Power set up

When you unpack the box, you will find an adapter and a wire to recharge the light. Just attach the adapter and wire to recharge it. Once it is recharged your studio is ready for extraordinary shoots.

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