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How to SEtup RING LIGHT Quickly

To setup ring light with stand follow these steps:

1. Setup the Stand / Tripod:
Ring Light package that you have bought will contain two boxes. One of them is a ring light and the other will the tripod stand. You will also have a instruction menu and power wire, adapter fixing screws, a fixable arm now after unpacking all this you just need to fix all the screws to attach the fixable arm to the tripod stand.

2. Attach Ring Light with Stand:
Attach the ring light with the stand arm through which you can adjust the height ring attached to it. On the bottom of your ring light there is a power wire plug in place. Also there is power of an on button and also a dial to increase or decrease the intensity of light as per requirement of your object.

3. Attach Phone or Camera with Stand:
Last step is to hand the phone or camera with the tripod and here you go your perfect selfie partner is ready. Switch On the ring light and shoot your selfie.

Following these simple steps to setup your ring light camera and enjoy best photography, video shoots and much more fun. Hurry up if you have not purchased yet, ring light is worth buying product.

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